Сlosed joint-stock company Bank «Reserve finance and investments» has been operating since 2000.

Originally existed in the form of non-bank credit organizations CJSC NCO "Reserve finance ', which in 2004 received the status of a bank and a new name.

The main activities of the Bank include commercial and retail banking operations in the Russian Federation.

The Bank is a universal credit organization and provides a full range of banking services. At present, the Bank serves more than 850 legal entities and 5000 individuals.


  • Association of Russian Banks;
  • Moscow International Currency Association (MICA/MMVA);
  • MasterCard Europe S. A. 

Company Background: Bank activity

Reserve Finances and Investments Bank, ZAO1 (further RFI Bank, ZAO) was established in 2000 (certificate of state registration of a credit organization No.3351-К issued by Central Bank of the Russian Federation on November 10, 2000).
Initially the credit organization was founded as a non-bank financial institution (NBFI). In 2004 NBFI Reserve Finances, ZAO (registration index 3351) was granted a bank status.
Bank carries out its activities according to the Bank of Russia license which was supplied for conducting banking operations No. 3351 issued on October 10, 2004.
The Bank was granted an additional license for attraction of individual deposits in roubles and in foreign currency in November 2008. RFI Bank, ZAO gained Deposit Insurance System membership according to the active legislation of Russia. 
The Bank traces the business ethics standards in its professional practice and is a part of a whole system of moral, ethical and legal support of Russian Federation credit organization operating. The Bank jointed the Code of ethic principles of banking facilities of the Association of Russian Banks in February, 2011. 
Initially the Bank’s authorized capital was evaluated in 180 million roubles. The authorized capital was extended up to 300 million roubles on August 26, 2008. The Bank opens the possibility to the economic growth and prosperity for its customers offering them a full amount of services, professional and ethic standards. The bank also guarantees professional fulfillment, worthy salaries for its stuff and supports its social confidence. It provides bank’s members with maximum profit and sufficient level of stability. All this is done within active Russian Federation legislation and business ethic, corporate culture and social responsibility. 
The Bank’s fee policy is oriented on the wide community of the customers and provides flexibility in Bank services fees sphere and attracted financial resources.
The Bank traces the interest of customers and shareholders while conducting its activity. The Bank had chosen the model of universal commercial bank as a concept of development. 
The Bank is going to make banking service a mandatory part of everyday life, it is going to transform it into status of some development source, stability and independence charge, personal and family financial prosperity basis and the powerful career tool. The main Bank's policy goal is to provide the new customers in flow, to reach the maximum financial result, which can be achieved during performing customer service on base of current fees of Bank and effective usage of customers’ funds deposited in the Bank, and the usage of the incomes for further development of material and technical base of the Bank.

Menagement of the Bank

Kosynkin Yuri A. - Chairman of the Board 
Karpenko Inessa Arkadevna
 - Deputy Chairman of the Board
Taymasov Sergey V.
 - chief accountant

Bank's shareholders

Stepan Popov Anoldovich
Kosynkin Yuri A.
Vargin Igor V.
Razumovsky Alexander
Bogoslavets Sergey

Composition of the Bank

Kosynkin Yuri A.
Karpenko Inessa A.
Taymasov Sergey V.
Belyaeva Natalia A.

Board of Directors

Popov Stepan A. – Chairman
Kondrashina Jacob Y.
Kononov Nikolay V.
Kosynkin Yuri A.
Kardykov Vadim E.